Hand of The Damned

Finger bones on a leather cord


The “Hand of the Damned” is a low level artifact that has the power to show you the direction of the nearest unclaimed treasure of at least 1,000gp value.

It grants its’ wearer a +4 Int, +4 Wis bonus as well as grants immunity to fear and charm effects.

Wearing the Hand of the Damned for more than 2 continuous days activates its’ undead summoning properties. Every day after the initial 2, the necklace has a cumulative 5% chance to attract a wandering undead monster of up to the wearers level +2.


Found on his first mission as an apprentice shipmage on the Crystal Wake, the finger-bone necklace became a token Morvo was never seen without. Years later it was given to his loyal Kobold cleric cohort for safe keeping, but eventually wound up back around Morvos’ neck.

Hand of The Damned

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